10 Reasons to Choose Our Brew

  1. Exquisite Taste
    Taste it yourself to  see what we mean!  Check our listing of high grown specialty arabica coffees. There is something to suit any flavour preference.
  2. Freshness Guarantee
    Birds and Beans was the first roaster in Canada to roast date our coffee and the first to offer a roast date guarantee.  We roast to order and ship immediately.
  3. Unbeatable Service
    We run our own cafe so we know what you need. Fast. Accurate. Knowledgable. Helpful. Dependable. No other supplier matches our service level!
  4. Training and Support
    Because we run our own successful cafe, we understand what it takes to start, grow and enjoy an independent café. We’ll help you.
  5. Precision Roasted™ Consistency
    Our Precision Roasting™ technology offers consistent roasting, rain or shine, summer or winter, day or night.
  6. Small Accounts Welcome
    We service customers of all sizes.  Most start small and grow with us!
  7. Certifications
    Third party certifications are your assurance that products meet well defined criteria. Our coffees are certified:
    • Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada.
    • Certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade Canada
    • Certified Bird Friendly® by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
  8. Environmental Leaders
    Birds and Beans offers the most sustainably produced coffee in the world.
  9. Advocacy
    Birds and Beans works with Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to educate consumers and coffee marketers about sustainable agroforestry.
  10. Independent  and Canadian
    A Canadian owned family business based in Etobicoke ON
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