About Wholesale Ordering

This site is for wholesale order entry. 

The terms and conditions of your wholesale agreement apply to all orders placed here.

Orders received by 2pm on a business day will be scheduled for production on the next business day (see below).

Once entered you can track order status here.  It begins on hold.  When your order is assigned a production slot, it’s status changes to processing.

When your order is shipped, it will be marked “Completed” and you will receive a tracking email.  The tracking email includes a pdf copy of your invoice.

From your account you can review past orders.  You can re-order any completed past order with a button on the historical order.  This populates your cart with those same items and quantities


We give all of our customers the Royal Treatment!  For you to benefit from our amazing service, here is the way we work:

We roast and package to order.  Your coffee is not sitting on our shelf staling while we wait for order.  Instead, when we receive your order, it goes into the next available production cycle.  We guarantee that up to 2 cases of retail coffee and up to 20lb of foodservice coffee for any customer will be serviced in the next production cycle.  

We reserve production slots each week for larger weekly orders.

Production cycles begin at 2PM on regular business days.  Orders received before 2PM will be shipped the next business day.  GTA customers typically receive the coffee the business day after that.

If you missed your deadline and you will face a business impact, call us to negotiate a solution.   We have never let a customer run out of our coffee!

Orders Placed on In before 2PM Ships on Order after 2PM Ships on
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Friday
Thursday Friday Monday
Friday Monday Tuesday
Saturday Tuesday Tuesday
Sunday Tuesday Tuesday
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