Wholesale Ordering Guidelines


We give all of our customers the Royal Treatment!  For you to benefit from our amazing service, here is the way we work:

We roast and package to order.  Your coffee is not sitting on our shelf staling while we wait for order.  Instead, when we receive your online order*, it goes into the next available production cycle.  We guarantee that up to 2 cases of retail coffee and up to 20lb of foodservice coffee for any customer will be serviced in the next production cycle.  

We reserve production slots each week for larger weekly orders.

Production cycles begin at 7AM on regular business days.  Orders received before 7AM will be shipped that business day.  GTA customers typically receive the coffee the business day after that.

If you missed your deadline and you will face a business impact, call us to negotiate a solution.   We have never let a customer run out of our coffee!

* Because the 7AM order cutoff is automated, if you send your order by email or other means, we will enter it during business hours.  This will often cause the order to be delayed by a production cycle. 

Orders Placed on
Entered Online by 7AM ShipEntered Online after 7AM Ship
We give all of our customers the Royal Treatment!

Understanding our Emails

When we setup your account we define where our documents will be sent. We can have different email addresses for order confirmation and invoice and we can set up multiple addresses for each.

An automated order confirmation is sent upon online order entry.  It confirms we have accepted your order and confirms the items.  

When we ship, we email an invoice to the emails registered to receive the electronic invoice.  A tracking link is available on this email. We always send this on shipment.  

We always pack the box with a packing slip.  This document does not have prices.  Its purpose is to indicate which items are in which box, and to provide an audit (with initials) of the order assembly process.  If you do not find this useful, please disregard it.

Account Options

Although our basic process is consistent, we can customize the process to yours in a couple of ways.  

If you would like to receive the invoice in the box, we can record that option on your customer account.  You will receive both the packing list and the invoice in the box.

In addition to emailing invoices, we can optionally drop them on a shared Google Drive folder.  Let us know if you would like this option on your account.

3 thoughts on “Wholesale Ordering Guidelines

  1. I own Algonquin Fine Foods in cottage country and I’m interested in your coffee. I sell the coffee in my retail store but I’m moving into our new location and i intend on serving coffee. Could i see what your packaging looks like and could i get a wholesale price list please? Thank you aileen ireland

    1. Thank you for your interest Aileen. I’ve forwarded this on to David who will get back to you by email at [email protected] Your store looks great!

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